Tank transport

Reaching out for Europe.

Internationally we are especially specialised in tank transport of bitumen, LPG transport, distillates and pure chemical transport throughout Europe. We have developed this specialism through the development of our trucks and our logistical solutions.

Specially designed vehicles

The ethos at Anneberg is to match the transport equipment to the goods to be carried – not the other way around. Therefore Anneberg transport A/S has developed several specially designed and equipped vehicles which enable us to solve totally different jobs, creating surprising logistical solutions, reducing empty mileage, and improving efficiency. That’s why Anneberg has developed such a strong reputation for logistical solutions. And that’s how we can surprise our customers with tailor made solutions to their transport needs.

Combi tanks

We have developed combi tanks which are able to carry goods which cannot be cleaned and goods requiring a high degree of purity.

Ideal for:

  • LPG transport.
  • Cryo gas transport.
  • Waste transport.

We also have:

  • Trucks for rent
  • Trucks for lease.
  • Second hand trucks

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