The beginning

The company`s first vehicle was fitted with a changeable body, so that it could be used for both transportation of pigs and people. Efficient interior design and exploitation of transport equipment is the hallmark of our company today.

Growing bigger

In the early 60s ANNEBERG Transport A/S modestly started with a truck for liquid cargo transporting liquid asphalt. This approach has formed the basis of the company’s position within tank transports today. It is also this ability to adapt, respond to our customers needs and be creative in our approach, which makes Anneberg different. This is particularly important when operating in chemical transport and ADR transport, where the needs of our clients often benefit from our unusual and creative logistics and solutions.

Moving into Poland

As the first firm of transporters ANNEBERG Transport A/S set up its own department in Poland in 1990. Five years later the department in White Russia was added. By being present with our own people and equipment ANNEBERG has gained a position in both countries providing us with a wide knowledge of the market and the culture, which are essential prerequisites for operating efficiently in these markets.

Success in Poland

Since 1990 activities in Poland have steadily increased - in the beginning, however, overshadowed by the then existing "iron curtain". Today we have 50 trucks, mainly for tank transport (bitumen, chemicals, and ADR), as well as bulk trailer transport. Anneberg is particularly proud to offer the express delivery, part loads and dry goods from Denmark to Poland. For more information call +45 96 92 22 22 or click the link below.


Moving into Russia

In 1995 ANNEBERG Transport A/S set up a permanent representation in White Russia to consolidate transport and trade with this important market. As we have a permanent representative in Russia this allows us to be able to quickly respond to the needs of our customers in this region.

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