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What can we do?

Nationally Anneberg has built its reputation on strong logistical solutions in a number of areas from, LPG transport, ADR transport, bitumen, chemicals and dry goods across Denmark and Sweden. Strong logistical solutions and an ability to deliver on its promises have made Anneberg the trusted partner for the Distribution of oil for Shell and BP in Scandinavia.

International Expertise: (European Transport and European haulage.)

Internationally we have specialised in transport of liquid cargo such as bitumen, tar distillates, pure chemicals, LPG and Cryo gas in most of Europe. As well as Tank rental, tank transport, bulk transport and bulk storage. Again our business is built on our reputation for strong logistics, adding efficiency and making savings (see SH&E section for our 90% full-load exploration). Importantly Anneberg have our own well established offices in Poland to co-ordinate logistics though Europe and an office in White Russia where we have our own trucks and garages. This gives Anneberg a strong position in Europe and even into Russia. This network of offices and garages gives Anneberg the ability to make customised logistical solutions to each of our clients across Europe.


This network of offices along with our fleet of specially designed trucks including, combi tanks, tilt trailers, jumbo tilt trailers (92m2) and even Mega trailers (102m2) make Anneberg capable of producing surprising logistical solutions to all your transport needs.
Take a look on our case study section i order to see how we have surprised our clients, or as we approach every case differently why not leave us your details, ask a question and see what we can do for you.

The environment does matter

ANNEBERG Transport A/S is certified, both ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and SQAS - Safety and quality Assessment Systems (CEFIC). ANNEBERG Transport A/S is a member of the ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association) whose main purpose is to improve standards of efficiency, safety, quality, as well as the environmental and social influence on industry. Please also see our SH&E page.

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