Environmental Policy

  • Protect the surrounding environment from the harmful effects of our activities and minimize waste
  • Focus on diesel consumption
  • Continuously monitor energy consumption and initiate relevant improvement measures
  • Show a willingness to provide information, openness and cooperation in all inquiries about the environmental conditions of our transports
  • Commit us to comply with environmental legislation and the applicable regulatory requirements at all times
  • Commit ourselves to protecting the environment, including pollution prevention
  • Commit us to live up to customer, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Commit us to continuously improve the management system, to ensure continued value creation

Environmentally Conscious

The transport sector is an energy-heavy line of business which has great environmental attention. ANNEBERG Transport A/S is a environmentally conscious company investing everywhere to reduce environmental damage to a minimum.

90% full-load exploitation
We are certified to ISO 14001 and are close to a 90% full-load exploitation. All operating trucks comply with the  EURO 5 and EURO 6  norms for emission of polluting substances. Furthermore, the latest trucks have been equipped with special filters, providing longer intervals between oil shifts.

Educated drivers
The drivers are trained in economical driving and black boxes register forms of driving: acceleration, gearshift, braking with a view to saving resources.

Certified maintenance programme
In our garages we carry out a certified maintenance programme. 


ANNEBERG Transport A/S attaches great importance to safety in all fields.

Well-trained mechanics
Trucks and equipment are kept in repair in our own garage in Denmark and Poland by our well-trained mechanics and service employees.

Maintenace safety
We have guarantee schemes with payment safety in connection with repairs after breakdowns abroad.

Transport insurances
The transport insurance of ANNEBERG exceeds the current requirements of the authorities.

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