Always in touch.

We always know where our trucks are through satellite communication and tracking. This is a service you should expect from a quality transport provider, however at Anneberg we like to take things a step further, that’s why we also give you a 24 service number which means you always know where your goods are. We always have the information you need and you always have a contact.

When dealing with Anneberg a recurring theme is the personal touch, you can even email your driver.

To find more information click on the link below or call +45 96 92 22 22


Safety through communication

GSM telephone contact and satellite communication ensure exact documentation for the transports and rational exploitation of resources.

The intensive communication, which is constantly being improved concurrently with the technological development, not only provides us with a general view, but also guarantees safety for both goods and drivers.
This is central to the Anneberg service, please see the SH&E section for more information.

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