Anneberg deliver 800 tones of hot bitumen deep into the polar circle.

TOTAL are a major European wide producer and seller of Bitumen to Asphalt plants over much of Europe.

TOTAL was in talks with Kiruna Airport, an airport 200 km north of the Polar circle and their asphalt company Sandahls Grus & Asfalt AB to lay out all new runway pavement during 2 weeks in July 2004.

The problem:

They required well over 800 tons of Bitumen (Polymer modified bitumen called: Styrelf 26/2D S) in the 2 weeks. All bitumen was to be loaded in Brunsbüttel 140 km south of the Danish boarder, and 2500 km from Kiruna. Mr. Georg Anneberg flew to Arlanda Airport (North of Stockholm) and attended a meeting with Kiruna Airport people, TOTAL and Sandahls Grus & Asfalt AB. Anneberg was an essential part of the planning process adding value as more than just a transporter but a logistics specialist as well.

The weather around Kiruna Airport is tough, normally its frost and snow all year around, except a few months in the summer time. In the month of July it rains in average 12 days and the sun is up 24 hours a day in the summer when you are so far north, it also set some tough conditions for the drivers when they had to sleep. On top of this the bitumen had to be loaded at 180 degrees an delivered not under 165 degrees, even in freezing conditions.

Anneberg solution:

For a project such as this, with tight schedules and complex logistics Anneberg put in all of our big tankers and equipped them with 2 drivers each.

Through Annenberg’s earlier involvement in the planning process, Anneberg could plan around the difficulties of operating across different countries. In Germany a load limit of 40 Tons total weight, which restricted us to drive with 25 tons per truck. However in Denmark and Sweden we can go on 50 Tons total, approximately 33-34 tons product per truck.

So Anneberg loaded 4 "small" tankers with 25,5 tons bitumen each and drove them to Denmark, and reloaded all 4 loads (102 Tons) into 3 big tankers with 34 tons per truck, and drove on to Kiruna.

This made the process use up till 20-30% less trucks and drivers.

The bitumen was loaded at 180 degrees and delivered not under 165 degrees, thanks to our exhaust heated bitumen tankers

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